Hibachi Steak



10 mins

 2 servings

Try seared buttery steak bites in a rich Asian-inspired sauce that only takes 10 minutes from start to finish.

INGREDIENTS Boneless steak Butter Garlic Sesame oil Soy sauce Teriyaki sauce Pepper

They have that signature creamy buttery taste mingled with a soy-teriyaki base you’ll find in most Japanese Steakhouses.

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To make this at home, you don’t need a flat surface like the fancy hibachi grill. A good wok or cast iron pan will work just as well to achieve the same level of sear.

Pair it with some buttery and creamy hibachi noodles.

Or try it with delicious homemade hibachi fried rice with the addictive Yum Yum sauce.

And add some hibachi vegetables for a complete hibachi experience at home.

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