Slow Cooker Pasta e Fagioli



8 hours

 8 servings

Break out the bowls for this comforting soup with tender pasta, creamy beans, hearty beef or sausage and plenty of aromatics.

This Italian-inspired soup is loaded with ground beef and Italian sausage to add a wonderfully rich and rustic flavor.

We'll be pairing them with some ditalini pasta to add some hearty substance.

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Adding great northern and kidney beans brings comfort to the soup and compliments the pasta perfectly.

Simmer it low and slow in a heartwarming herbed tomato-based broth to marry the flavors together.

INGREDIENTS Ground beef/ Italian Sausage Onion, garlic Carrots, celery Tomato sauce Diced tomatoes V8 juice, beef broth Basil, oregano, thyme Worcestershire sauce Sugar, salt and pepper Pasta Beans Parmesan cheese

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