Slow Cooker Cream Cheese and Potato Soup



9 hours


Enjoy a slow-cooked, warm and comforting soup with just a few pantry staples.

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It's warm, filling and perfect with crusty bread. Load it up with toppings like bacon bits, cheddar cheese, dill, chives or green onions.

Since potatoes take a long time to cook, the slow cooker is perfect for it. And potatoes work great as a natural thickener with their built-in starch.

With a neutral sour cream-infused base, there are many ways you can build on this soup with toppings or by adding stuff directly to the slow cooker.

You can also load it up by adding chicken breasts, turkey, or ham directly to the soup while cooking or using your own favorite toppings.

INGREDIENTS Russet/red potatoes Cream cheese Yellow onion Garlic Chicken broth Butter

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