Slow Cooker Three Packet Roast



8 hours

 8 servings

Making a roast doesn’t have to be hard. This recipe uses just three packets of seasoning to get a deeply flavorful roast.

Cook low and slow for 8 hours and you get a roast that's bursting with robust flavor thanks to all those flavor packets you cheated with. 

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It's so easy, anyone can make it. Just add in the flavor packets, some water and an onion. Then set on low and slow cook for 8 hours.

 All the great individual flavors combine into a deliciously tangy and savory roast.

It's one of the simplest roasts to throw together for delicious and tender, fall-apart meat. Serve with some carrots and potatoes for easy comfort food.

Ingredients Chuck roast Yellow onion Italian dressing mix Ranch dressing mix Brown gravy mix Water Salt and pepper to taste

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