Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken



4 hours


Enjoy some fall-apart, slow cooked BBQ pulled chicken that only takes 5 minutes of prep time.

Serve them on some burger buns, sliders or sweet Hawaiian rolls with a side of coleslaw and chips.

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It's a great way to make a fuss-free, delicious meal for the family when you don't have time to stand over the stove. 

Simply add some chicken breasts to the slow cooker, mix the sauce and slow cook for 4 hours.  Come back, shred and you’re ready for a delicious BBQ sandwich.

Try some other sides like cornbread, Texas toast, blackened corn, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, baked beans, or some greens.

INGREDIENTS Chicken breasts BBQ sauce Apple cider vinegar Brown sugar Onion powder Garlic powder Cumin Smoked paprika Cayenne

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