Easy Hamburger Quiche



50 mins

 2 quiches

A rich quiche with a ground beef and cheddar cheese filling nestled in a delicious, buttery pie crust.

INGREDIENTS 9" pie crusts Ground beef Yellow onion Mayonnaise Milk Eggs Ground nutmeg Cheddar cheese

This is really quick to put together and uses frozen pie crusts for a fuss-free breakfast, brunch or weekend meal.

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Since frozen pie crusts typically come in packs of twos, we’ll be making two quiches in the time it takes to make one!

Feel free to make your own pie crust from scratch or change it to low-carb by making a crustless quiche. 

You can also add some veggies like spinach or switch up cheddar for white cheddar cheese, Swiss cheese, mozzarella cheese, and gruyere. 

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