Light Lemon Garlic Pasta with Salmon



30 mins


This salmon pasta with its simplicity and freshness is the perfect light and healthy meal.

Tossed with olive oil, chunks of flaky salmon, fresh garlic and basil, a splash of lemon juice, capers and Parmesan.

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I used rigatoni but you can try spaghetti, fettucine, linguine, bowtie, spirals or your favorite type of pasta.

Season the salmon with salt and pepper and bake until it flakes apart easily with a fork.

Toss with freshly minced garlic, ribbons of basil, lemon, capers and some Parmesan cheese for fresh and bright flavors.

Ingredients Pasta Garlic Olive oil Basil Salt and pepper Salmon Lemon zest Lemon juice Capers Parmesan cheese

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